HSE Prevention Advisor Level 1 – Exothera

Based In Jumet, you will join a collaborative team of passionate change-makers. 

You will give active support for in the implementation of the measures referred to in the Welfare Act. You will also give advice to employer, hierarchical line and workers with respect to Environment, Safety and Health so that a high level of compliance is reached & maintained

Your goals will be implement maintain and improve environment, health and safety standards, best practices and processes, disseminating EHS topics within the company and ensure that all regulations related to EHS are enforced 


  • You will participate in the identification of hazards and causes of accident at work and occupational diseases and you will provide advice on risk assessment(chemical and biologic in particular and mechanical or electrical) the overall prevention plan and the annual action plan
  • You will be the person or reference on the various themes of the code on well-being at work, including working with third parties
  • You will participate to the drafting of instructions concerning: the use of work equipment in lab environment, the use of chemical and carcinogenic substances and preparations, the use of personal and collective protective equipment, fire prevention…
  • You will be the reference in the organization for all matters relating to the application of the legislation
  • You will participate in the application of measures to be taken in the event of serious and immediate danger, in the development of internal emergency procedures and in the organization of first aid
  • You will collaborate in the implementation of preventive measures based on the risk analysis that has been carried out
  •  You will participate in the committee for the reduction of the energy footprint
  • You will ensure coordination with SEPP by providing it with all relevant information to carry out its missions, you will accompany the SEPP's prevention advisor during workplace visits, and assist in examining the causes of occupational accidents and diseases

In addition to general missions, as EHS Advisor you will be in charge of the following tasks :

  • Conduct review of the workplace and workstation, on its own initiative, at the request of the employer, workers or the committee and this at least once a year
  • examine accidents and incidents and carry out all other investigations deemed relevant to improving workers' well-being, and relative reporting
  • become familiar with manufacturing processes, work methods, work processes and components of work organization and review them in order to propose measures to reduce risks
  • maintain documentation relating to legislation, hazardous products and preparations and emission points relating to air and water pollution and waste management. 
  • follow up of the environmental permit
  • collaborate with HR in the design of training programs related to EHS (identifying risks and opportunities)
  • workplace visits, training sessions, 
  • give an EHS advise related to new equipment's, chemical products or any other new topic in the company with a potential impact in EHS matters.
  • Reporting of KPI, action plans, reports of activity 


  • You will ensure the communication with the Biosafety Officer and ensure the coordination of the biosafety committee (4 times / year)
  • You will coordinate appropriate training for Lab (training and retraining on biosafety and biosecurity procedures and practices)
  • You will ensure the archive of the documents in the server and the update of the biosafety manual
  • You will ensure the link with the health provider (Securex) 
  • You will ensure appropriate investigations in case of accident and that local rules for the safety of personnel are drawn up and followed


  • Strong knowledge of EU / Belgian EHSS directives and Regulations
  • Scientific/Engineering background is a strong asset and prevention advisor level I degree (according to Belgian regulation).
  • Experience in a Lab / pharma / chemical / Industrial environment is a must
  • Experience in managing EHS compliance in a project environment 
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management knowledge
  • Excellent influencing and negotiating skills
  • Strong team player and customer focus
  • Interpersonal skills to coach and develop employees
  • Strong drive to promote a continuous improvement culture
  • Proven results in matrix environment is an asset
  • Fluent English and French