How to achieve high titer cost-effective AAV production 


The growing and diverse viral manufacturing landscape calls for a result-oriented approach supporting rapid process development and scale-up while offering cost-effective production at scale.

To reach these goals Exothera provides exoREADY™, a ready-to-use optimized AAV production platform including the raw materials (production cell line, DNA material and reagents).  

In this webinar, we will focus on the upstream process (USP) development strategies used to define the most suitable initial material (cell line, plasmid DNA, enzymatic DNA) that led Exothera to a significant increase in post-harvesting titer. We will also present some crucial analytical assay optimization that allowed Exothera to tackle matrix effect and assay-related degradation and develop solid analytical protocols for physical titer and empty/full ratio determination.

Laboratory technician operating in one of the Exothera's cleanrooms
What To Expect:
  • Result-oriented approach: use of state-of-the-art technologies and Design of Experiment (DoE) to obtain consistent USP processes with impact on DSP starting material.
  • Enzymatic DNA vs plasmid DNA: learn how to select the most suitable strategy and fast-tracking screening in flask and scale-up in bioreactors.
  • Initial process impact: discover how to estimate the impact of initial material, cell line and plasmids, on AAV production.
  • Scale-up strategy: discover Exothera’s approach for right-first-time linear scale-up to 1000L
  • Analytical assays insights: learn to identify critical analytical assays to select the best initial material.
  • Tackle matrix effect and assay-related degradation: learn how to mitigate matrix effect and degradation and optimize physical titer and empty/full particle ratio assays.