Our Venture

Building a global network to better serve our customers


Our History

Where we come from


Belgian and Walloon ecosystem

Since the 90s, Wallonia has been a bio-manufacturing hub with the creation of several international companies.


Launch of Univercells

In 2013, Univercells was created with the ambition to make biologics available and affordable to all.

Creation of Exothera to relieve viral vector manufacturing bottlenecks

In 2020, Univercells launches Exothera to support cell & gene therapy developers with process development and production of viral vectors.

With 15,000m² GMP capabilities Exothera is willing to relieve viral vector manufacturing bottlenecks.

Exothera will help to alleviate the three most critical challenges manufacturers face:


  • Structural lack of capacity and long lead times.
  • Scarcity of bioprocessing expertise in process scale-up and commercial scale manufacturing.
  • Challenges in right-sizing commercial facility.

Our Future

Starting today



Establish a full-service viral vector CDMO facility in the heart of Europe, accommodating sizeable production capabilities from R&D to clinical trial phases.



Achieve operational GMP clinical manufacturing in a state-of-the-art facility in Jumet, Belgium.


Extension to commercial manufacturing and build-out of capabilities around the world