Thibault Jonckheere

CEO, Partnerships & Structuration

As CEO, Thibault leads the business and project management functions to set up meaningful partnerships with cell & gene therapy innovators. He is also in charge of structuring the company’s overall processes to make sure the organization is focused on delivering qualitative and innovative services.

Thibault started his career in the energy sector, holding several financial and consultancy positions. In 2013 he joined MaSTherCell (cell therapy CDMO), where he helped grow the company as head of business development. In 2016 he joined ImmunXperts (immunology CRO), where he lead the company’s development as CEO. He acquired an international experience by working in Boston, the Netherlands, Paris and Houston.

Mr. Jonckheere holds a Master of Business Engineering from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

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