Technical Buyer – Exothera

Exothera is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) dedicated to virus / viral vector production and nucleic acids. As a Univercells company, Exothera provides best-in-class bioprocessing expertise that capitalizes on novel manufacturing technologies. The company delivers accelerated process development/optimization to rapidly reach GMP clinical and commercial production of virus / viral vectors and nucleic acids. 

At Exothera and Univercells, our mission is to make health equally accessible to all. 

We work every day on reinventing biomanufacturing processes and develop or integrate the next innovative technologies. With the combination of process development and engineering expertise, we create synergies to deliver game-changing production capacities to achieve our mission: Biologics available and affordable to all!! This job is the perfect opportunity to contribute to our mission and be impactful.


The Technical Buyer works under the direct responsibility of the Procurement Manager, within the Supply Chain department. With the Procurement manager, they are part of the procurement pilar in the UEXO Supply Chain and are accountable for planning, implementing, and monitoring the UEXO procurement strategy in order to maximize efficiency and productivity in deep alignment and collaboration with the Global procurement team. 

The Technical Buyer applies and implements the procurement strategy defined by the Procurement Manager in deep collaboration with the Head Of Supply Chain and in respect with the end-to-end vision developed in the UEXO Supply Chain. 

In practice, he deploys robust procurement processes (from Source, Plan & Deliver) 

•SOURCE: Reliable inbound management from our suppliers 

•PLAN/MAKE: Feed the operation to fulfill production planning, and support labs project. 

•DELIVER: Ensure Developing and assembling teams have materials on time and in required quantities / quality. Align with Business on Delivery planning and modalities.


Supplier Management:

The Technical Buyer’s responsibilities include defining optimal procurement strategies early in projects to maximize cost, quality, and timing. They ensure timely purchase and delivery of materials for various activities, negotiate with suppliers, and manage contracts. Additionally, they proactively manage and develop supplier panels, participate in supplier qualification processes, and contribute to E2E meetings. The Technical Buyer is also accountable for procurement plan and contract management, supplier compliance, and building strong business relationships with suppliers.

Procurement and provisioning activities

The Technical Buyer follows procurement and provisioning activities weekly, participates in the end-to-end (E2E) planning cycle, and takes necessary actions with suppliers to resolve issues related to costs, quality, and planning. They communicate effectively regarding stock levels, delivery times, and manage reporting to meet business requirements. Additionally, they assist the Procurement Manager in managing claims and disputes with suppliers, alert Provisioner and Planner about potential planning impacts, and contribute to dynamic and static KPIs for UEXO procurement activities. They also serve as a backup for the Provisioner and work together with VV and NA Technical Buyer as backups.

Master data’s and process contribution · 

In this role, you will analyze and challenge procurement master data to ensure accuracy and efficiency. You will actively participate in the initiation of procurement activities, collecting necessary information aligned with the organization’s vision and timelines. Managing supplier information in the ERP system, you will maintain accurate records and address any discrepancies. Additionally, you will contribute to supplier evaluations and propose action plans to enhance performance and foster strong partnerships. Collaborating with the quality department, you will implement necessary action plans to manage GMP production activities effectively.

Drive the continuous improvement 

Participate in cross-functional projects and initiatives such as Bill of Materials (BoM) management. Analyze inventory levels critically and devise action plans for optimal stock management to address business needs and challenges effectively. Implement Lean principles to drive continuous improvement within the organization. Take charge or contribute to projects within the Supply Chain department aligned with the end-to-end vision of the department.

Partnering with other departments:

You will collaborate closely with all departments, particularly Exothera, to ensure smooth interactions and promote Supply Chain principles. They also contribute to operational excellence by coordinating supplier negotiations, participating in cross-functional meetings, providing audit support, and reporting progress to maintain efficiencies. Additionally, they prioritize environmental health and safety (EHS) by adhering to rules, collaborating on risk analysis, attending training sessions, and flagging potential risks to ensure a safe working environment.