Unlock Your Cell & Gene Therapy Potential

Exothera is a CDMO delivering customized process development and GMP production services for viral vectors


Our Services

We support your cell and gene product development from pre-clinical to cGMP manufacturing. 


  • In-depth scan of your current process and its clinical and commercial potential.
  • Development plan for fast-track timing to clinical phase, while preparing commercial phase competitiveness.


  • Process optimization, development and scale-up using a bioprocess and technology-driven approach.
  • Design of Experiment to achieve cost effectiveness & high performance viral manufacturing.

GMP Manufacturing

  • On-demand manufacturing for clinical and commercial needs.
  • Strategic partnership to secure capacity over time.

Designing & delivering bespoke bioproduction journeys for cell & gene therapy innovators to achieve successful market entry


Our Differentiators

Tailored journey to commercial manufacturing

Flexible and highly qualitative approach to accommodate projects at all stages of development.

Continuous adoption of state-of-the-art technologies

Technology selection for cost-effective virus manufacturing.

Bioprocessing expertise

Data-driven process optimization for cost-effectiveness & high performance.

For any question or request

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