Fast-track your research use only (RUO) mRNA

Your future-proofed mRNA, delivered in just 4 weeks

We offer an expedited RUO mRNA synthesis service with a 4-week turnaround time from order placement to delivery. This fast-track service is ideal for projects with tight deadlines or when rapid access to mRNA is critical.

Not only that, but the process is designed to ensure consistent, quality production at any scale. Our automated scale-out system provides a seamless transition from your research projects to clinical applications, enabling cost and time efficiency at every stage through optimal in vitro transcription (IVT) that enhances quality over traditional methods.

Exothera team members providing GMP manufacturing solutions for RNA therapeutics
Ntensify Midi for GMP manufacturing solutions for RNA therapeutics

Make a “smart start” to your RUO project: Utilize Exothera’s optimized process

We offer a seamless transition from RUO to GMP for your mRNA manufacturing project. 

Our scale-out system is designed to:

  • Deliver consistent, reliable and high-quality mRNA at any scale 
  • Facilitate seamless transition from the screening base to production without scale-up
  • Eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming process development


Our automated Ntensify™ system, supplied by sister company Quantoom Biosciences, ensures that the process always stays the same, regardless of quantity. This allows you to start with small quantities of RNA for internal screening use and seamlessly progress to GMP manufacturing without scaling up or worrying about changing reagents or processes.

Laboratory technician operating in one of the Exothera's cleanrooms
Ntensify Midi for GMP manufacturing solutions for RNA therapeutics

Our mRNA analytical service

  • Plasmid DNA can either be provided by you or Exothera (plasmid supply not included in the timeline above)
  • Exothera will use a co-transcriptional capping reagent for in vitro transcription of 5’ capped mRNA resulting in a Cap1 structure 
  • Purified mRNA eluted in nuclease-free water
  • Typical concentration: 0.5 – 1mg/mL
  • Analytical testing includes concentration, integrity and ID
  • Additional mRNA testing services are available upon request

By partnering with Exothera, you can confidently ensure your clinical manufacturing process is in place from the very beginning, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming process development or scale-up.