Our dedicated team.

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Christian Borgniet

Chief Operating Officer

  • E+30 years of biopharmaceutical experience
  • ELarge corporations and CDMOs experience
  • EHighly experienced in GMP biopharma operations
  • ETechnology transfer of new and marketed products
  • ECo-development of new biologicals including regulatory interactions
  • EStrong focus on continuous improvement & performance management

Vasily Medvedev

Head of Development

  • E 10-year track record in bioprocess development
  • EAAV vectors focused experience
  • EHighly skilled in virus and protein purification and characterization
  • EHigh level expertise in adherence and suspension-based processes
  • EExtensive experience w/ antibody-based process & product develop

Thomas Bouckenooghe

Manager USP Development

  • E20 years of cell culture experience
  • EOver 10 years of USP experience
  • EAdherent & suspension processes (fixed-bed & STR BR)
  • EAdaptation of suspension cells to adherence (CHO & HEK 293)

Roel Lievrouw

Manager DSP Development

  • E13 years of DSP experience
  • E7 years mAB & 6 years viral processing
  • EExperience with AAV, AdV, influenza, polio & exosomes
  • EScaling-up of DSP processes with fixed-bed & STR BR

Mathieu Anceau

Head of Production

  • E+13 years of CDMOs’ GMP environment experience
  • EExpertise in manufacturing of proteins, viruses & viral vectors
  • EHigh-level of expertise for both suspension & adherence systems
  • EStrong focus on continuous improvement & performance management
  • EExperienced in plant facility setting-up, from design to operational phases

Rudi Segers

Head of QC Operations

  • E+25 years of analytical lab experience
  • EExpert in setting up and improving GMP lab processes
  • EPhysicochemical & immunoassay expert for mABs & AAV vectors
  • EHeading cell-based assay and ddPCR operations
  • EFocus on method transfer and validation

Emilie Gateau

Platform Dev. Manager

  • E6 year of bioprocess development expertise
  • EQuality by design & design of experiments experience
  • ECell line development and upstream process scale-up experience
  • EMammalian cell culture process dev.(viral vector/recombinant protein)

Jean-François Castadot

Lab Support Supervisor

  • E+13 years in cGMP lab experience - QA & Production
  • EHighly experienced in Biosafety practices
  • EHigh level expertise of BSL3 labs environnment
  • EExtensive experience in labs organization and design

Fabien Baldacci

Analytical Science Manager

  • E+10 years of experience in molecular biology
  • E+10 years of experience for microscopic approaches in biology
  • E+10 years of experience in immuno(histo)chemistry
  • E+10 years of experience associated to biochemistry methods
  • EHighly experienced in microbiology